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Today, is the first day of my summer.

What’s wonderful about it, is that there is so much potential. For that reason, I don’t want to mess it up. I want it to be an “adult summer”.

In my eyes, an “adult summer” is much different from those school day summers. Those summer days were full of no responsibilities. When you’re, like, 8 years old (which, by the way, was a good age to be) all you had to do, was play. How awesome is that! I do believe there might have been some chores, and places you had to go to, like the library. Oh no, not to do summer school reading, but to take out movies on VHS! Yes those were the lazy summer days of my childhood.

But now, I’m an adult (well, at times). I’m 24 and I can totally drink!  But that’s not what I want my summer to be. You see, I’ve just quit my job.

It seems like the wrong thing to do during a recession, but I feel clam about it. The reasoning behind the calm is my husband (there will be posts about him later) and the potential that I’ll get lots of time (hours upon hours) to be artistic. I will get to enjoy the process of creating things, things that have been stored up in my head for years and years, dreams that I’ve thought of and talked about. I mean, I didn’t get honors and awards in art class for nothing (yes, that’s me bragging – I can’t help it).

This blog will help me keep on track of what I’m doing, let you know what’s happened and what’s to come. This is my “adult summer”. It’s not knowing what’s going to happen – it’s me, enjoying the process of bringing my dreams (not all of them, just some) to life!


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