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Baby’s new pants

For this past Christmas and birthday, my older sister gave me the gift of crafting books. Well more like sewing books that were on my wish list. So yesterday I decided on my first project, taking the pattern from “Handmade Beginnings, 24 Sewing Project to Welcome Baby” by Anna Maria Horner.

The project that I made is called “Quick Change Trousers.” They are the most adorable little trousers. Not only are they super cute, they are also reversible! Who wouldn’t want a 2 in 1 set of pants? This mom-to-be would!

Those are the pants that are in the book! I love the three diffrent kinds of patterns, but for my pair of pants I only went with two kinds of patterns.

I reused some fabrics that I had saved. The plaid fabric came from a set of boxers that we bought my husband, but they had the whole bubble butt thing, and he’s not of fan of that. The second fabric came from my husband’s Halloween costume.

He was a three eyed ghost!

Now all we need is a baby to wear them. Well that’s coming soon!


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