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Stripes for Spring

A couple weeks ago (or should I say, January) I took a trip to the mall. And as you know, retailers love to place products out months in advance. So most of the window displays had a mannequin with stripes on and had the whole spring vibe going on. Rain jackets with rain boots. Bright colors that popped out at you when you walked by.

I love it!  It made me forget that it’s still the middle of winter outside. Outside its gray and below freezing with wind chills. But it made me want to jump into a puddle. I had a need to buy a trench coat. Also I had a need to get a couple pairs of umbrella, bright and colorful ones.

But then reality set in. It was still winter and it was still cold. Nothing close to spring, yet!

So instead of buying a whole new spring wardrobe complete with rain boots and trench coats, I just bought another striped shirt. One can never have enough striped shirts. My husband does not understand that there are black stripes on white shirts, and that there are white stripes on black shirts. Also you need color striped shirts as well.

That’s me in the middle with my new orange/red striped shirt 🙂

Are you a fan of stripes?


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