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When my son was born (middle of May) my husband and I were in the middle of closing  on the purchase of a new condo. So that meant no decorating our old place before our son was born, and waiting until we moved in to our new place to do so. Well I thought that I would have a beautiful nursery all set up in weeks after the move, and it would look like the pictures from my Pinterest board. But it always seems like there’s not enough money and time for a project like this.

 Actually I think I like too many different styles and my husband doesn’t like enough of them. And I don’t look forward to home improvements because they are always longer then you think, and removing the old ugly popcorn ceiling doesn’t look like fun to me. So the nursery is still not done, but my baby boy can’t tell and that’s fine by me, for now.

So here are a few of my inspirations:






P.S. Ezra’s room will never look like any of these pictures, sorry baby


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