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Happy boy

It’s unbelievable how quickly time passes us by. I know that EVERYONE says it, it’s just really hard to believe it’s true. Next month my little guy will be 9 months old. It’s crazy to think that I became pregnant just 18 months ago.

I’m still trying to finish up Ezra’s nursery with decor, figure out when we should paint his room, and decide when to remove the popcorn ceiling. While those tasks continue to haunt our to-do list, here’s a little up date on my little man.


The hot-air balloons are not completely done, but then again they may never be.


 These two faces totally remind me of my niece’s facial expressions.


See, my little niece in the corner, Ezra learns from the best. Oh and my nephew is pretty cute too!


Well, Ezra has learned how to stand up in his crib, but only if he’s been sitting.


He has a hard time sitting up from a roll/crawl


But no worries, we will be lowering the mattress down this weekend!


Good thing for crib protectors for teething.


My happy boy




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