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I haven’t written a blog post in a really long time.


But life has change forever.

I am a mom.

Every time I said it, it still feels unreal.

The emotions that I have experienced are indescribable.

And I love my little man beyond words.

Welcome to the world

Ezra James

Love his name


Stripes for Spring

A couple weeks ago (or should I say, January) I took a trip to the mall. And as you know, retailers love to place products out months in advance. So most of the window displays had a mannequin with stripes on and had the whole spring vibe going on. Rain jackets with rain boots. Bright colors that popped out at you when you walked by.

I love it!  It made me forget that it’s still the middle of winter outside. Outside its gray and below freezing with wind chills. But it made me want to jump into a puddle. I had a need to buy a trench coat. Also I had a need to get a couple pairs of umbrella, bright and colorful ones.

But then reality set in. It was still winter and it was still cold. Nothing close to spring, yet!

So instead of buying a whole new spring wardrobe complete with rain boots and trench coats, I just bought another striped shirt. One can never have enough striped shirts. My husband does not understand that there are black stripes on white shirts, and that there are white stripes on black shirts. Also you need color striped shirts as well.

That’s me in the middle with my new orange/red striped shirt 🙂

Are you a fan of stripes?


Going back to our travels through Europe, our second stop was Paris. This was a very interesting trip in to the city.

We started with a long journey from London to Paris, which included a connecting stop in Lille. We forgot to eat a full lunch, which we came to regret. When we went to board our train, we discovered that we needed a reservation for our connecting train, which we didn’t have, so we were stuck at the train station for an extra 45min, on top of the hour or we already waited. This made the day much longer, and made us much more hungry!

I’m usually the cranky one when I’m not feed, but this time around it was my husband who was so EXTREMELY cranky (this never ever happens, EVER!). He wasn’t as excited to see the Eiffel Tower, and Paris as I was. All he wanted was food!

(Also, the picture on the left is a lie. He was not that happy!)

After dinner, after a drink or two, after our mean waitress stopped waiting on us, our evening became a little more enjoyable.

The following day we  bought our Paris Museum Pass, and we tried to hit as many museum as we could, starting with the Louvre of course.

That same day we stopped at Arc de Triomphe, Musée d’Orsay, and Orangerie. There were a lot of paintings and we did a lot of walking.

But the best part of the day was going on a bike tour thought the city at night. We were able to ride our bikes thouugh the court yard of the Lourve, which was amazing. Paris is a great place to rent bikes and ride around (SERIOUSLY, you should do it!).

That morning we had crepes with Nutella, and saw Notre Dame in the rain.

After Notre Dame, we finished up the day at Sacre Couer.

Presidents Day!

Finally, after a month or two for talking and trying to get together, we had a sewing/craft day! My bedroom and sewing station were completly taken over, but its so nice to have friends who are in to sewing as well.

Yes, we used every part of the room!

I was able to teach Alicia the basic sewing techniques, aka a straight line. And with that knowledge, she created  four coasters made all by herself. YEA! And I can’t tell you Dina’s project, it’s is top secret..shhhhh

Thank you ladies for a fun sewing day!

Footage of London

I finished editing a little video from our trip to London.

The clip might make you dizzy, and I’m sorry about, I’m not the best videographer or cinematopher, what ever it is.

I will try to put up the rest of the pictures and other videos of our trip though out Europe in the next couple of weeks. It’s part of my New Year’s resolutions that I never made.


My best find in any thrift store will have to be my KichenAid Mixer. 

I saw this beauty on the top shelf and hoped that it would turn on. I plugged it in, and it worked! The price for the mixer was perfect, 20 bucks. With a little elbow grease and Bon Ami, the mixer is all cleaned up and works perfectly for me!

No need to buy a brand new one and “spend 200 bucks”

for now 😉

Baby’s new pants

For this past Christmas and birthday, my older sister gave me the gift of crafting books. Well more like sewing books that were on my wish list. So yesterday I decided on my first project, taking the pattern from “Handmade Beginnings, 24 Sewing Project to Welcome Baby” by Anna Maria Horner.

The project that I made is called “Quick Change Trousers.” They are the most adorable little trousers. Not only are they super cute, they are also reversible! Who wouldn’t want a 2 in 1 set of pants? This mom-to-be would!

Those are the pants that are in the book! I love the three diffrent kinds of patterns, but for my pair of pants I only went with two kinds of patterns.

I reused some fabrics that I had saved. The plaid fabric came from a set of boxers that we bought my husband, but they had the whole bubble butt thing, and he’s not of fan of that. The second fabric came from my husband’s Halloween costume.

He was a three eyed ghost!

Now all we need is a baby to wear them. Well that’s coming soon!

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